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Mururito reserve has the grand advantage of offering several activities without having to leave it, having very diverse landscapes , wildlife and large spaces.

Swim and Picnic in “Baño lindo” of the clear waters of Caño Tigre or in the Manacacias River bringing a delicious lunch prepared by Lucia, the cook.
Horseback riding to discover the more distant places of the Reserve like pastures, savannas, marshes and lagoons.
You could also learn about cowboy work.

The activities

Walks in the forests or the savannas to discover our wonderful natural scenery and to observe animals day or night.
Enjoy a gorgeous sunset in the hills or a beautiful sunrise overlooking the Manacacias River.
Carretera a Mururito, Llanos 10.jpg
Stargazing. On the deck of the Mururito terrace you have access to a sky without any pollution which allows a perfect observation of the stars.
In the lagoon o in the river you could practice Fishing piranhas

Participate in farm activities: Feeding the animals, milking cows and monitoring cattle or bees.

The Reserve can provide a guide, offering information talks about ecological and geographic features of the terrain.

We also organize trips to observe the pink dolphins in the Meta River.


If you want to enjoy longer your stay in the region  during more days, you can also visit: obelisc and center of Colombia, salt route, Los Morichales, Puerto Careño, the Tuparro National Park....


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