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The ecological lodge

The ecological lodge & natural reserve of Mururito, is located in “los Llanos Orientales” of Colombia (Meta Province) at 1h30m from Puerto Gaitan. The reserve spans 2,000 hectare along the Manacacias River.

We have 6 rooms with a maximum capacity of 16 guests.


Two large living rooms include hammocks for rest and relaxation. Outdoor showers and deck offers the opportunity to relax, sun bathe and share a few drinks.


The flowers and fruit from the garden attract many birds and butterflies.

The farm has electricity day and night provided by solar panels.


Mururito features a variety of scenic views of forests, creeks, estuaries, marshes, lagoons, savannas and hills. Due to its excellent state of ecological conservation, it has fostered a great diversity of flora, birds, mammals, reptiles and more.


The farm was registered as a Natural reserve in 2013, but methods of conservation have been applied here for more than 20 years.


For its sustainability, the Reserve has farm activity consisting of 250 cattle, 12 horses, 45 tropical sheep, free-range chickens and hens, as well as organic beehives and vegetable gardens.


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