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The route to Mururito goes through Villavicencio and Puerto Gaitan. An express trip in a 4x4 truck from Bogota to Mururito takes 6 to 7 hours.

We can arrange transport for you if needed.


How to get there?

  • With your own car


The GPS coordinates are N4° 02.233' W72° 09.780'

Detailed information will be provided with every booking.


  • With private transportation

Private transportation (5 hours)

Bogotá to Puerto Gaitán buy car or van (return ticket).

Price: 640$ for 1 to 12 people.


Charter plane (1h30 hours)

Bogotá to Puerto Gaitán. One way.

Price: 1950$ for 1 to 5 people - 450 kg total max.


  •  With public bus or public van (16 persons)

Bogotá to Puerto Gaitán. Departure every hour.

Price: 22$/person, one way. We recomend Flota Macarena o Taxi Meta (8 hours)


  •  From Puerto Gaitán to the lodge

> With 4x4 (max. 4 persons) : 66$ one way -1h45

> Moto taxi / rickshaw (max. 2 persons) : 33$ one way - 2h30 minimum.

> River transportage (Manacacias river)

We recommend that you take advantage of Mururito's riverside location, and arrive by boat on the Manacacias River. It is a beautiful two-hour ride.

130$ (1 to 6 passengers).  ASK US HOW!

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